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Geoff Anderson WizWool 150 Tee

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Geoff Anderson WizWool™ 150 Tee

Keeping warm and comfortable is essential. That is why Geoff Anderson introduce body Mapping. They have studied how the body works when you cast and/or exercise in general, and what the different parts of the body need. Based on the findings, Geoff Anderson developed WizWool™ with three fabrics that work together, custom-made for outdoor activities.

WizWool™ 150 serves the purpose of enhancing the comfort of transporting moisture away from the skin. In combination with our mid layers, it helps regulate your body temperature, regardless of the type of weather. WizWool™ 150 is a soft, breathable, odour-reducing, merino wool garment with a highly durable synthetic exterior.

A functional base layer, made with the healthiest fibres, which gives a milder skin contact, and allows for a unique sweat and heat transport. Flat-seam construction reduces bulk and irritation when layering. WizWool™ 150 is a next-to-skin layer for lightweight moisture management during stop and go activities.