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Partridge CS88-J45 #5/0 Extreme Predator Jig45

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The Extreme Predator Jig 45 is a very strong jig for targeting predators such as pike, zander or perch. Its special shape with a curved shank is designed specifically for tying up-side-down streamers. This minimizes the risk of getting stuck, which is a huge advantage in many situations. Additionally, it offers outstanding hooking properties due to its catchy shape and super sharp, micro-barbed point. Therefore, this very reliable hook will provide lots of joy – while tying and while fishing!


  • Strong predator jig with a 45 degree down bend and a curved shank for pike, zander, perch and so on
  • Very versatile shape with wide gape
  • Catchy design and super sharp point with micro-barb for outstanding hooking properties
  • In-Line-Eye
  • Colour: black nickel
  • Amount: 10 hooks per pack in size 3/0 to 5/0 and 7 hooks per pack in size 6/0