WizTool Clamp 175mm

Japanese Surgical stainless steel

WizTool clamp will de-barb your hook, crimp split shot, and release the hook from the fish.
Fitted with a practical magnet attachment.

The powerful Jaws provide excellent gripping strength.
Smooth jaw tip surface to prevent hook damage while crimping barbs on delicate hooks and flies.

One-handed: Squeeze the spring-loaded clamp through the ratchets to release. To close, squeeze until the ratchets lock.
Made from hard surgical Japanese stainless steel.

The balanced content of Carbon makes it ideal for making the highest quality of e.g fine Japanese knives and surgical instruments.
Resistance to corrosion and staining. Low maintenance and familiar luster make our WizTool ideal for many applications related to fishing where both the strength of steel and corrosion resistance are required.
Fitted with a large loop with a comfortable rubber grip.
This plier will fit directly into the newer Geoff Anderson jackets where magnets are already integrated. If you are not lucky enough to own a Geoff Anderson jacket – this plier comes with a magnet part you can install in your own jacket.
Assembled and quality tested in Denmark.
Packaging is FSC certified and produced in Denmark.

175mm 62 gram